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Terms and Conditions

Ultrasculpt Beauty Clinic – Terms and conditions.

Please ensure you have read and understood them prior to booking any consultation or treatment.

If you have any queries, please contact 0113 345 5830.

Appointment Cancellation Policy:

We require 24 hours’ notice of an appointment cancellation (for both treatment and consultation appointments).


For certain treatments we will ask you for a £50 deposit to be paid at the point of booking. This can be paid via debit/credit card over the phone, bank transfer, or in person at Ultrasculpt beauty clinic. Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques. If you are unable to pay this when you first book, the appointment slot will be held for you for 24 hours, after which time it can be used by other clients.

You can put the deposit towards the cost of your treatment. If you are unable to go ahead with treatment at your consultation due to contraindications, the £50 will be refunded to you. This can take up to 10 working days to be credited back to your card.

If you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment, this can be done by telephoning the clinic or email the clinic. If you do not cancel or rearrange your appointment you will be asked to pay 50% of your treatment cost when next booking. Deposits are nonrefundable.

Any treatments, or courses of treatment will require payment in full and is nonrefundable. Should you choose not to complete recommended courses of treatment and / or aftercare. Ultrasculpt beauty clinic will not be held responsible for partial results.

No beauty or aesthetic treatments are an exact science and procedures and results may vary. This will be discussed with you at your consultation. Ultrasculpt beauty clinic tailors all treatments to individuals. Under no circumstances will refunds be given for any procedure, product or treatment


Consultations at Ultrasculpt beauty clinic are free. Consultation appointments are standalone appointments (usually 20 minutes) in which the client and the practitioner discuss treatment, but none is carried out.

Following your consultation, if you would like to book a treatment appointment , we will ask you for a deposit and all the above rules will then apply re ‘Treatment’.

Refusal of Treatments:

We reserve the right to refuse treatment where our practitioners deem it inappropriate for any reason and their decision is final in this regard.

Please note that we do not provide certain treatments for anyone aged under 18 years. Some treatments may be carried out with parental consent and at the practitioner’s discretion.

We reserve the right to request a doctor’s note for some of our treatments to support the consultation process.

Act of God:

Ultrasculpt beauty clinic does not issue refunds for Acts of God. An Act of God is defined as an event outside of human control such as sudden floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters, for which no one can be held responsible. This also includes weather-related issues such as snow, ice, floods etc.

If Ultrasculpt beauty clinic chooses to cancel a clinic due to an Act of God then it is not liable for any loss resulting to the customer as a result of this cancelled clinic. Ultrasculpt will make all reasonable effort to replace a cancelled clinic by arranging an alternative date but this cannot be guaranteed. Where the majority of customers for that clinic have been affected, this will be made free of additional charge.


Ultrasculpt beauty clinic takes pride in the quality of its service and as such will try to resolve any complaints as quickly as possible.

Complaints about any aspect of Ultrasculpt beauty clinic should be made in writing by emailing or by writing to Ultrasculpt Beauty clinic, 34 Town Street, Yeadon, Leeds. LS197EQ Complaints received in writing will be acknowledged by return email or letter within one week of receipt.


Our clinic has not been designed with children in mind, so we would prefer that you do not bring children to your appointment. However, if it cannot be avoided, please bring another responsible adult along with you to look after any children aged 12 or under.

Children are not allowed in clinic rooms at all and cannot be left alone in any other areas of the clinic. Thank you for your understanding.

Client Data:

In accordance with relevant legislation, all clients records will be kept for 10 years and your personal details will be stored securely by Ultrasculpt beauty clinic. Photographs will be taken and stored alongside your records. Client photos are edited and used for marketing. Please inform us if you DO NOT want to have your photos shared. In line with current legislation you may view or request a copy of your records at any time following a request in writing to

Client responsibilities:

Practitioners at Ultrasculpt beauty clinic will provide you with a comprehensive consultation, including contraindications, side effects, treatment information and aftercare. It is your responsibility as our clients to read and understand all consent forms, terms and conditions and relevant procedure information as well as being compliant with aftercare as advised. We will be professional and courteous towards you and expect the same in return. Any abuse directed at staff members either in person or digitally will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

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